OMG, I had the “C”

I am not afraid of this virus. I said it out loud and I mean it. I also claimed time and time again, that I must have had it back in February 2020, because I was not that sick with Flu for 10 years. This was before it became notoriously famous, here in the US. Since I had such mild symptoms, I guess this is why.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be sick, I take all the necessary precautions and follow the rules, but I am also, very confident that my amazing body temple, great immune system can cope with everything. If you were around me in the past 10 months, you would also know, that I have tried to continue and live my life as before. I kept on meeting with close friends, hosting family and friends in my house, going out, travel and spend time outdoors as much as I can. During the only week, in which we were hardly outside, and didn’t have any social encounters except with one private Baseball coach, Ben and I both got the Corona.


The reason I am sharing this with you, is that maybe it can help you detect it when it is just starting, and to let you know that there are wonderful natural ways to cope with it in a mild way and easy flu like symptoms that can go in a few days.

So this is how it all started and evolved:

  1. I ate spicy mexican food on Thursday night and started coughing the next day, trying to get rid of the itch in my throat, thinking it was from the spicyness. This was gone after a day. no sore throat.
  2. On Sunday, I had this weird belly ache, again, I was thinking it is from the fried plantains I ate the day before in a restaurant. This was gone by the evening.
  3. On Monday I felt perfectly fine, I was teaching Yoga and spent the whole day with my mom.
  4. Then on Tuesday, everytime I lowered my head down, I felt high pressure in my sinuses and this evolved into this tingling, mint sensation in my upper nostrils.
  5. The final part was losing our sense of smell – this was a week after my first symptom and lasted less than a week for both Ben and I. That was it.


The next day, when Ben woke up with nasal congestion, I just knew it that we both have Corona and indeed we both tested positive. Ben had some fever for the next day and three days after was over it.


Would you like to hear our secrets of going through it so mildly?

It’s a mix of a few things, but the first thing and the most important one is to keep your body and mind healthy all the time, with proper diet, drinking a lot of water, exercise regularly, enjoy good night sleep, positive thinking and always have daily time for meditation and reflection.


Second of all, consult with a Homeopathy Expert. Lucky for us, we use Homeopathy regularly, so I can highly recommend Yifat Bloch a classical Homeopath practitioner, owner of Homeopathy supports our body, helps bring the body systems into an equilibrium and treat and heal from the inside out. So, as soon as we noticed the symptoms, we immediately consulted with Bloch. For Ben, it was very simple and everyone can use this trick, if you catch it early, start taking Oscillococcinum. As I mentioned Ben’s symptoms disappeared after two days. For me, since Sinus infection were always my weak part, Bloch used a specific Homeopathy Remedy = Homeopathy “pills” are called, that we used on me back in February, and which was already known as effective for Corona. These can be found in most of the drug stores and health stores, such as Whole Foods, Sprouts. You can find these remedies at Whole foods, and it is usually cost a few bucks. Remedies are selected based specific characteristics and symptoms. If you’d like to learn more about Homeopathy, Click for my interview with Yifat Bloch


Third, we started taking supplements to boost and strengthen our immune system. I am not a nutritionist, and you should consult with one, but this is what was recommended and worked for us:

Vitamin C – up to 5000mg, Vitamin D – up to 5000, Raw Zinc – 30mg, Amla – for Immune Support or Probiotic.


If I have to summarize this experience, the hardest part was to keep the other people in the house from getting the virus too, but I guess we did a pretty good job at it, as no one got sick. After 10 days from the first symptom, if you feel good, is what the CDC recommends enough time to stay quarantined. We got tested Negative and after a few extra days, broke free again.


Wishing you to stay healthy and happy!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

with love,




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