My Way Of Health & Life

Hi, I am Liat Philipson. I was born and raised in Israel, and moved to Georgia 6 years ago. I have been studying and practicing Yoga, Meditation and Healing for over 20 years. My goal is to share my life’s experience, the love, and the light, with as many women as possible, around the globe.

“I guess teaching is my calling”

I’m a traveler at heart. I would happily spend every time I can, traveling and
exploring different remote places, all over the world with my husband and 3
amazing kids (if they still would come with me at age 22, 19 & 13 :).


I love being in nature! If there is water, it is even better. Most of my life in Israel, I lived 5-minute drive from the Mediterranean Sea, so I guess, being close to water, always brings back sweet memories of my childhood and teenage years.


I enjoy baking. I enjoy hosting family and friends for a delicious feast, that my
husband and I prepare together, or host guests in my vacation homes in Georgia and in Florida


I  adore great style, in everything that I see, from food, clothes, and especially in home-design. 

There’s something magical about how a beautifully designed space, can make you feel at home.


I was always in a hurry, to grow up, to live on my own, to complete my Master’s
in 4 years, to get a job, to find a better one, to build a family.  After 48 years and after a long journey of searching that started outside, I can gladly say that I have finally arrived home, no need to hurry anymore; yet. patience is still not one

of my strengths.


I lived in Israel, New-York and for the last 6 years I live in Georgia, which I love, but the
world is my home.

I’m a dedicated student of yoga, meditation, and healing. My practice has
changed my life in so many ways — made me a better mother, wife, daughter,
person, but most of all, it brought me home, back to myself.


I guess teaching is my calling. I left the fast-paced, world of Advertising and
Marketing after 10 intense years that burnt me out. I took a drastic turn towards
the spiritual world for the next 10 years and now, I am the Master of balancing
Matter and Spirit on and off the Yoga mat or the meditation pillow


I have deep gratitude to all my Yoga, Meditation and Healing teachers and
masters, who I have met on my personal journey, since I took my first yoga class

20 years ago. They all helped me get closer to myself.


I had the privilege to work with, teach, support, lead many women, in all life stages. 

My goal, is to show you the door, towards your true-self, so you can step in, and start (or deepen) the amazing journey within.


Awareness Space is every space outside yourself that allows you to connect from within. Whether by practicing Yoga, Camping in Nature, Meditating. It is every place around you that allows you to  become more aware, to yourself, to your surroundings, to all there is. Awareness space is also this vastness, never ending, everlasting awareness that is always available, always there, deep within you.


When I teach, you can expect to be treated with love, warmth and respect. I will always  provide you with options for making the practice work best for your individual body, regardless of your size, age, or ability and your goals. You can also expect to have a good time and challenge yourself!


As the saying goes “if you wish it, it will come”, Liat’s Discover your Wishes and Dreams workshop is all about that! I have participated in this workshop three years ago just in time for the new year, and looking at the imagery I built to portray my wishes and aspirations, to my amazement it pretty much delivered on all (and that was some list :)) so Just in time for the upcoming new year, build yourself a storyboard of all you desire. Pick or Draw an actual image of what it is you wish for, be it filled with materialistic goals as well as spiritual ones and it will actually come to fruition. There is something about fine-tuning your desires that will actually make them come true. I have come to know things actually become real that way and with that realization, I will be participating in one this year as well. knowing that, won’t you?
Tamar Shkedi
Dear Liat, The process with you was a significant step stone for me. First I learned to be present, just to be. I learned to listen to my soul, to neutralize the outside noises, the viewpoints that are not mine. I found that I'm connecting with myself more and more, choosing me. I remember you reading texts and suddenly a realization is striking me, a shift in consciousness. I remember the moments you touched our third eye with lavender oil, sounds funny but that moment was an entire world for me; I felt protected and safe. With time, practicing with your tranquility and comfort increased the balance within me. Sometime after we met, I went through a serious mental crisis, many things and people supported me through it, but I think that having the tools to look inside and regain balance was very significant in my rehabilitation process. Liat you are a woman of light, goodness, and love, you are shining like the sun. I'm sure you will continue to be a great benefit to whoever learns from you."
Sharon Kinory