Feeding Your Body Mind and Soul – Part 2 (channelled by Liat on 7.8.2020)

This message was channeled by Liat Philipson on July 8th 2020 as a part of her course: Finding Your Center During Uncertain Times. Click here for all course info. All Rights Reserved.


The Body Mind Soul Connection – Click here to read Part 1


Recap of what we talked in the first part:

Welcome my dear light and love, we have gathered here to help you deliver the messages, for a better, enlightened presence on this earth, your earth. You should all start by tuning in to what are you feeding yourself with.

By feeding, we are not talking just about the physical food, which, of course, has a lot to do with all the illnesses and diseases that you are experiencing. By feeding, we mean, everything, but really everything you are surrounding yourself with:

  • Quality of air
  • Quality of water
  • Actual food
  • The people around you
  • The media that you consume
  • The music that you hear
  • The words and thoughts you use

All these have an enormous influence on how you experience your life, how you see “your” reality and by changing some of these elements, you can easily change your reality.

In part 2, we are going to talk about Food, Air and Relationships.



Yes, we are aware that food is a controversial subject in this world, some of you may be convinced that meat is bad, some only eat vegetables, or other typed of diets. We say: eat in moderation, that’s the key, you eat way too much than what you or your body actually needs. Yes, meat is less needed for the human body, fish is better, but what most important is to eat natures’ best gifts to you, plants, vegetables fruits, but make sure it is as clean as possible.


More than what you choose to eat, is that you eat clean, as close to nature as possible, and with as little interference as possible. The diseases, illnesses, are all coming from what you, humans, are putting, adding to your animals, to your plants, this is where the problem lies, not necessarily in exactly this type of food or another.


So our advice to you, is choose wisely, consume wisely, grow your own stuff as much as you can, eat, as close to nature as possible, eat in moderation only when you again feel the hunger, this tool, was implanted in your bodies so you’ll know when your body is low on nutrients and need supplies, and not for you to constantly eat, non-stop and loose this natural ability.




You my friend, are lucky, as in most places that you live here in the West, the air quality is relatively reasonable; Yet still, you have to avoid being in or near places of heavy pollution. You should know how to utilize your lungs and breath, learn “pranayama” techniques to make the most out of every breath and use your lungs, so when a virus, like this, that is currently reside within you, you can easily get rid of it, without any problem.


For this you need healthy lungs and healthy breathing capabilities. Teach the basic Ujjayi breath, breathing only thru the nostrils, tell your story about years of breathing thru your mouth and all the breathing problems you had. Look at babies, how they breath and learn from that. Practice simple breathing on a daily basis to restore your basic breathing capabilities. It is needed now more than ever; you’ll thank me for that later.



This can be toxic to you too, as you develop your intuition more and more, you start to feel and know if certain people are good to be around. Some people may make you feel as they are draining energy from you, you should avoid these people at any situation. You are to surround yourself with the people who are vibrating in the same frequencies. No, it is not that easy, but with time, and careful listening to your inner feelings, sensations, you would know what to do.


You may ask, what if they are family members? If that is the case, most probably you chose to be around them to learn something about your own powers, but you still have a choice at every moment, how to react, how much to be around them, and how to protect yourself. Teach in this lesson to create the protected “Bubble of Light”, choose a symbol or a letter that whenever you mention it in your conscious mind, immediately this bubble is being activated and this can help you cope with a specific person, or situation and keep your energy and vibrations in place.


With Light and Love,



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