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On Nov. 16, David and I were celebrating our 25th anniversary – Well, actually, we were not really celebrating, more like quarantining ourselves + sleeping in separate beds. We made plans to fly to Sedona AZ for a week, BUT plans and reality are not always aligned and if we learned anything from this past year, is that you need to change and adapt. Ben and I received the “C” virus (If you want to learn how we passed through it easily with only 2-3 days of simple symptoms, click here to read my post OMG I HAD THE “C” so we had to cancel it all; However, once we tested negative, and allowed 3 weeks to pass, we decided to go after all.

We didn’t know what to expect, except for the fact that two of my top travel advisers (Thank you Shirly and Inga) really recommended it and they were not wrong. Sedona is definitely one of the best places we have ever visited. And If you know us, me, you would also know that we have traveled all over the world. You are probably wondering why Sedona is so special? I’ll try to explain and share with you all my top recommendations. I think Sedona has to offer everything for everyone:

The “Extremist”, the “Naturalist”, the “Spiritualist” and the “Spoiled”.

Ready? Here we go!

The “Extremist” – Sedona offers plenty of off roading gorgeous trails to explore with a Rubicon Wrangler, a Razor or a Buggy. I highly recommend Barlow Jeep rentals, the jeep was phenomenal, ate the rock easily, no matter how steep or rough it was. We packed lunch from whole foods in the cooler they provided and stopped in the most amazing place and had a yummy picnic. On another day, we rented a Harley Davidson from EagleRider 928-554-1089 and rode the beautiful scenic roads around Sedona for a day. Mike was super nice and suggested two beautiful trips: to Jerome and Prescot and back to Sedona and the next day we did the beautiful scenic Oak creek way to Flagstaff.

The “Naturalist” – Endless hiking trails to explore by foot everywhere you turn or drive. You can choose from simple loop short hikes, to strenuous climbs on the red rocks to see gorgeous views. We usually are not big hikers, but you cannot ignore this beauty or just settle with watching it from your hotel room. For the first time in my life, I bought hiking shoes and after finishing our four and two wheel adventures, we chose an amazing hike for every day. My favorites are Devil’s Bridge, Cathedral RockBell Rock, Airport Mesa – The last three are also famous Vortex location. (Read more in the spiritualist).

 The “Spiritualist” – Sedona is a very spiritual place, there’s something in the air, nature, rocks that attracts people from all over the world to experience the Red Rocks, the Vortexes – super energetic spots to meditate, practice yoga outdoors and so much more. There are plenty of Yoga studios, Psychic readers from all kinds, Shamanic healers and other healers. If you know what you are doing, every place in nature you will choose to pause and sit quietly will be the perfect place to connect with nature and within yourself.

I took a wonderful Kundalini Yoga class with Mally, from enlightenment: 772-643-2742. We practiced in her amazing basement that was like a gallery of fine arts. It was hard to choose from the huge variety of psychic readers, but I finally selected Chaya for a relationship reading. We sat at Chaya’s back yard (due to Covid) and she was doing a beautiful reading based on regular decks of cards. Highly recommend her, it was wonderful and uplifting. Chaya also offers meditation classes online. To book call and say hi from Liat. Chaya 9288211187.

Don’t skip visiting The Chapel of the Holy Cross. This is a church that’s built directly into Sedona’s red rocks. Drive up to it, sit and appreciate nature, the amazing architecture and energies in this beautiful place. If you are into Buddhism, drop by the Buddhist temple for a quiet meditation with gorgeous view all around.

The “Spoiled” – Sedona offers 5 Star accommodations, fine dining, wineries, and great shopping. If this is what you came for, you won’t be disappointed. We loved Amara resort and Spa, amazing home-made cocktails served at “Salt Rock” while you sit in the back yard with firepit on (try the “shaman”), looking at the red rocks. But our favorite place was Sunset Chateau, a small boutique hotel with lots of soul put into it and attention to details. Every room or casita is like an art gallery by itself.

If you are looking for fine dining, you can try Mariposa. Come at 5PM to enjoy the amazing sunset views. On our first day we found the best Mexican food at Tortes De Fuego (they have two locations) – we returned a few times and everything we tried was sooo good, inexpensive and open for dine-in or takeout. When we needed some time to work, we paused at Creekside coffee shop, sat outside in the porch overlooking the red rocks and enjoyed great coffee and a tasty avocado sandwich.

There are some amazing art stores and shops around town, visit Tlaquepaque – an authentic art village, Uptown Sedona is where the touristic shops are, great for souvenirs, t-shirts. If you are looking for some gems, literally, check Mystic Bazar, Stone age Sedona, and more.

So, what can I say? Sedona was the perfect reflection of David and I:

Extreme, with a hint of “Shanti”, Spoiled with a pinch of Simplicity, Beautiful with a spice of Roughness. It was definitely the perfect place for us to have an amazing week away from home, celebrating so many years of melding our love and passion together, along with our sense of of adventure and exploration.

Live, Love Embrace Life!


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