Feeding Your Body Mind and Soul – Part 1 (channelled by Liat on 7.7.2020)

This message was channeled by Liat Philipson on July 8th 2020 as a part of her course: Finding Your Center During Uncertain Times. Click here for the full course info. All Rights Reserved.

The Body Mind Soul Connection

Liat: What are we talking about today?  Yes, body mind connection is a great topic for your course.

Some of you have failed to understand that all is connected. If everything is connected, how could you possibly think that your body is a separate machine? It is one with your soul, one with your mind, one with your heart, which means, each of these parts are influencing each other all the time.


Welcome my dear light and love, we have gathered here to help you deliver the messages, for a better, enlightened presence on this earth, your earth. You should all start by tuning in to what are you feeding yourself with.

By feeding, we are not talking just about the physical food, which, of course, has a lot to do with all the illnesses and diseases that you are experiencing. By feeding, we mean, everything, but really everything you are surrounding yourself with:

  • Quality of air
  • Quality of water
  • Actual food
  • The people around you
  • The media that you consume
  • The music that you hear
  • The words and thoughts you use

All these have an enormous influence on how you experience your life, how you see “your” reality and by changing some of these elements, you can easily change your reality.

Let’s start with one of the simpler things: Media

For some of you, this may be the most difficult part to change. We would not say to you to avoid it completely, we are rational and understanding how technology can be a good part in serving your development; However, too much of it, and even worse than that, consuming it without any discrimination and limitations – this is the root of the problem. Everything you hear, watch, see, is getting into your subconscious mind, like a seed, an impression which can grow and become manifested in your life. In your vegetable garden, will you consciously grow poisonous plants?  Of course not, so why are you willing to do it to your subconscious garden?

Choose wisely my friend, choose exactly what makes you feel good, what interest you and create joy in your consciousness. Avoid anything that creates doubts, fear, stress, disgust. You too, used to be able to watch so many things, and slowly you could not continue this anymore, as it was appearing during your sleep. As you clear and clean your mind (not just the thinking mind) but your consciousness, even the slightest thing creates a lot of influence, bad one, so you become more and more aware of what you allow to enter your conscious and subconscious mind.



Yes, you know how music influence your mood, how calming music can have a calming effect on your whole being and how irritating music can have a similar negative effect on you.

Why is that? It’s simple, vibrations, some vibrations are resonating within you and harmonizing your body’s functioning, while some, create chaos and disharmony, exactly as Mr. Massaro Emoto showed on water.


You are mostly water, so your body reacts accordingly. It is all energy and vibrations, even if your body looks or feel solid to you, it is still energy and responds to vibrations.


What do you need to do? Surround yourself only with music that makes you feel good, that creates harmony, calmness and avoid everything that feels chaotic, disharmonizing. It is about the words as well, but even more important are the tunes and energies that this specific music brings to you.


In part 2, we will continue to explain about air, food and relationships.

With Love and Light,


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