“My Trauma is my Gift”

Today, I’d like to tell you about my personal quest. It was a long one, 49 years, that have led me to this moment, to who I am.


During my journey, I started looking for answers outside. It helped to a certain point, but I needed something deeper. This quest to find answers led me to some of the best and most amazing spiritual teachers in Israel, US and India. I have been studying and practicing Yoga, Meditation, Healing and Channeling for the pats 20 years and teaching for 14 years.
But only in the past few years, I think that I have found the secret, the delicate balance, the code of how to do it all: Live Life to the Fullest, on all levels: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional.

Since December 2019, I have dedicated most of time to deepening my spiritual path and developing my own tools, based on my vast experience and knowledge that worked for me. the result is a 30 day Quest that I have created: Finding your center during uncertain times!It’s a journey back to yourself, that you can take, from the comfort of your own home. All you need is as little of 15-30 minute a day.

In this quest, I share with you my personal story, my 20 years of experience, tools and practices that I have gathered and new tools that I created.
All of it, to simply remind you who you truly are, and allow you too, to live your life to the fullest, without having to choose between spirit and matter. On the contrary, to allow you to bring to the light (literally), to every moment of every day, the deep knowing and understanding, that you are a beautiful soul, who came to materialize in a human body and not a human, who may have some spiritual experiences.
Every end of the month, I’m inviting a small group of amazing women, who knows deep inside, that there is so much more than just work, career, money, vacation, stress, motherhood, being a wife, daughter etc to join me for this month long quest.

It is for women who would like to expand their consciousness, open their minds and their hearts and are willing to dive inwardly, in order to bring it back to their daily lives!
If you are one of these women, let’s chat so you can learn more.
During each month, we would meet live as a group, 3 times (in my studio if you can, and always on zoom as well). Most of the journey, you’ll do on your own, daily, with the support of a private facebook group for sharing, questions and answers.

The special price now, for the pilot period, is only 100$, and you get to keep all the content, so you can continue practice, study, as often as you want, even after the 30 day quest has come to an end (remember that every end is a new beginning).

If you’d like to hear more, talk with me on the phone or schedule a zoom call, you are more than welcome!
Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing with the women you love.
You can start the course at any moment and join me in the quest to find yourself again!
with Love and Light,




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