What is Channeling all about?

You probably heard that word “channeling” and were wondering if its real, what exactly is it?

I’m here to tell you about my experience with channeling and explain all about it from my own perspective.


First time I went myself to a “channeler” was more than 15 years ago. I was very confused, I just opened my Yoga studio in Israel, whatever I did it didn’t seem to catch up and grow, I thought I was happy, fulfilled but still something was missing. The name of this person was given to me at the same month from two different people that had an amazing experience with her. I decided I’ll schedule an appointment and so I did.


I remember arriving to a quiet street in Ramat Gan, Israel, saw a small shop covered with shades. I knocked on the door and entered. Behind the desk, she sat, a tiny beautiful lady and beside her was her assistant, who I was told would transcribe the whole session. She asked if I have specific questions, then she began.


From the first few minutes she started talking in a deep voice using biblical words, tears started dropping on my cheeks. I don’t remember how long it was, but I think it was more than 2 hours, yet when she was done, it felt like we just began.


The most important thing I can tell about it is that it was like my deepest thoughts, feelings, fears, worries were presented before me, it was as if she read everything from inside me, the things I even didn’t admit to myself. The strongest massage that I recall to this day was that by dealing with my past (my abandonment issue – you can read about it on another post), I was killing my current life tree – my husband and kids, since all my energy is wasted digging in my past.


Wowww, that was strong. I left that tiny room, a different person that when I entered, that’s for sure. Some of the messages that I received I didn’t understand, she mentioned that it may come later.


I do remember that after two years or so, when I already learned and practiced channeling myself, I wanted to read this channeling again, and it was like to earth swallowed it. I have looked everywhere and have never found it. I guess it did what it needed to do and I did not need it anymore.


So, after going thru such an amazing experience, a few months later, a friend suggested I would meet with a friend of her who were looking a place in which she could teach a channeling course. I jumped on the occasion, we met and it was a love from first sight. I was so happy to offer my yoga studio for hosting the course and having a chance to study this amazing topic myself.


So now, after I shared my personal story, I can explain to you more, using my own words, what is it all about, although since it is beyond what our thinking minds can grasp, words may be a little limiting to describe that phenomenon. For me, I can say it’s a form of meditation, quieting my mind, putting my intentions into receiving the highest most pure message and connecting into cosmic consciousness, Then I can ask for guidance, advise, ideas, explanations to things that are happening around me, support, or simply receiving whatever comes at that moment.


No, I’m not unique, or special (actually, we all are, but that’s not the point), everyone can do it. It is something that can be taught, practiced and with practice it becomes more available and easier. Some of you are doing it naturally, some may call it maybe intuition or prayers.


In the past, people who were able to channel messages were called mediums, and they were mainly bringing messages from deceased people to their loved ones. That is not what I do, or mean. This is still possible and exists, and I have experienced this too, without even asking, through my best friend who sent me a message from my grand pa, in his house, during his “Shiva” (the seven days of mourning after a Jewish person dies). The “problem” with massages from your loved ones, is that they too, lived in a human body and were under the limitation of duality. The New age channeling is all about bringing clear positive, uplifting messages from higher realms, from oneness and the purpose is always to elevate your soul.


Now, you may claim, like my husband, that it is all in my mind, that it is within me, and that is correct in some way, as everything is already within us, all of us, we just have forgotten that and do not have the access code. Whether the messages are stored in my mind, or coming from cosmic consciousness that is all around is irrelevant. It is the content and essence which is important and that is always so beautiful, pure and uplifting.


When you begin practicing channeling, you may need to be in a quiet place, with your eyes closed, but with time and practice, I can connect at every moment of every day, ask a question and receive an answer instantly. I do it as I’m helping clients find their dream home, when I write a contract, when I face a difficult situation with my kids, or have problem with another person. It comes to me like a though in the back of my head, I can write it down, only listen to it or say it outload.


Curious enough? Want to read one of my channelings or practice a meditation that I received while channeling? I’d be happy to share with you more, let’s chat: 678-814-9122.


With Love and light,





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