Soul Dancing -
Connect to your Soul through your senses!

Join us for a unique experience that involves an intimate Cacao ceremony, an ecstatic dance session,  with sounds from all over the world and ends with a final relaxation and a healing sound bath.


Once a month we would meet, women only, in my studio in Johns Creek  to reconnect with our soul through taste, smell, movement and sound. 

We will open every gathering with a special Cacao ceremony, in which I will make the drink and put my pure intention for the practice, we’ll sip it together as we put our own intentions for the night. This will be followed by a short introduction of the structure of the night.  

Then we’ll move into the main part of the night in which I will take us into an ecstatic dance session, using world and electronic music in different rhythms and vibes.

At the end, we will all lay down and surrender into a relaxing sound bath.

Why now?

I have been dancing for the first 20 years of my life. Due to an injury, I replaced dancing with other movements such as Aerobics and then Yoga. Now, after 22 years of Yoga and breath, teaching, studying and experiencing different spiritual paths, I feel the urge to bring back dancing into my life as a way to reconnect to myself, to my body, to my soul, to mother earth and I’d like to share it with you!.


What is the origin of the Coaca ceremony?

On our ceremonial journey we need to look to the Mayans first. The word “cacao” comes from the Mayan words “Ka’kau” meaning “heart blood” and “Chokola’j” meaning “to drink together” This blood connection comes from the belief that the Mayan gods bled onto the cacao pods, and cacao was considered one of the ingredients used to create humanity. It was also believed that the gods gifted cacao to the people directly. The scientific genus name for cacao is theobroma, which translates to “Food of the Gods,” and the Maya believed that cacao was a key ingredient in restoring balance and connection to the divine. 

“A Mayan legend tells us that whenever there is an imbalance between humans and nature, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony. Some shamans, therefore, consider cacao the ‘food for the shift.’ It represents the new order of love and peace, which is being cultivated right now.”  

– Keith Wilson, the Cacao Shaman

Cacao Recipe


1-2 oz of cacao Half a cup of water Pinch of chili or cayenne pepper.
Sweeteners, such as honey or agave (optional) Spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, or vanilla (optional)


1. Enter a meditative and reflective mindset as you chop the cacao into smaller pieces so that it can soften into hot water.
2. Heat the water to just before a boil and add the cacao shavings.
3. Use a whisk to stir until you find a smooth texture.
4. In accordance with tradition, add the pinch of chili.
5. Add the sweetener or any other spice you wish.

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Cost, Cancellation, and Refund Policy

Sessions will take place once a month on Thursday nights at 7:30-9PM

Cost per session is 40$ space is limited