Welcome to our online workshop: Discover & Manifest Your Wishes and dreams!
In this two hour workshop, I will take you on a journey deep within yourself, to get a glimpse of who you truly are and what do you really want and teach you how to attract and manifest the things you like into your life!I have been teaching this workshop to women in Georgia, for the past 6 years, and now excited to share this knowledge and tools with women, all around the globe, in the comfort of your own home.Overview of the Workshop:
Will open the workshop with me sharing my personal story and what led me into the world of Manifestation and Life’s Vision Boards.In the next two sessions, we will dive inwardly and use simple meditation and concentration techniques, to connect with our inner-selves and and get a different view of what we truly want.I will share with you the few Universal Laws that we are using for Manifestation and teach you the three simple tools, and in the last session, we will each prepare our own private life’s vision board to hang at home, so you too can start experiencing this magic!This workshop includes:
7 short videos of training (total 2 hours)
– 2 Meditations
– Many examples and explanations of simple tools for Manifestations
– You will end up with your own Life’s Vision board (that you’ll create on your own)What do you need to prepare for this workshop?

Please don’t hesitate to email me: PHILIPSONLIAT@GMAIL.COMAbout Liat
MBA, ERYT-500, Reiki Master
Liat was born and raised in Israel. She moved to Georgia 8 years ago. She’s a bilingual Yoga and Meditation teacher and a Yoga Therapist and owns a Yoga and Awareness Studio in Johns Creek, GA and AwarenessSpace.com. She taught and supported hundreds of women, in all life stages, in her classes, workshops and retreats. She is a master of balancing Matter and Spirit and does that by offering Real Estate Investment services and managing her own real estate portfolio. Liat has been studying, practicing Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Manifestation and other spirituality methodologies¬† for over 20 years and her goal, is to share her life’s experience with as many women as possible around the globe.Have fun attracting the life that you want…
Liat Philipson