Every beginning is an end, every end is a new beginning


This morning, while Ben (my youngest) was making himself breakfast and lunch to pack for his first day of high school, he suddenly said to me: “Ima (means Mommy), today is the last time you will have a kid who goes to High school for the first time”. Then he added smiling: “unless you are planning on another kid”, we both laughed. But a few minutes after that, i could not stop reflecting on what he actually said: His first day of HS, is also the last time he will have a first day in HS. Basically, every new thing, new beginning, is also the last, because it will not be new anymore. More than that, for everything new, something prior to that had to end. Ben had to finish middle school in order to have his first day in HS. Each and every thing we do, we own, we achieve, would one day end, but that does not mean we have “LOST” anything, just that we have released it and allow it to become something new. This is so simple yet so profound.


Think for a moment about the notion of death. What if, we could see death as it really is: ending of one form – this human body that holds our soul – and a beginning of another chapter, in a different realm/layer. The soul never dies, it is omnipresent.


What if, we would look at each and every “difficult” ending in our daily lives, such as: breakup, divorce, retirement, losing a job and look at it as a beginning and not as an end? Simply a little shift of perspective and it can shift the very way in which we experience life.

Cheers for new beginnings!

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