Yoga For Your Health

Online classes are full of genuine connection, personalized attention, and skillful instruction. 

My teaching style is an extension of my personality – honest, energetic, passionate, sincere, yet light-hearted. 

I have been teaching hundreds of people for the past 13 years in Israel and in the US and been using zoom for my online classes with students all around the US for the past 6 years ;Therefore, expect an experienced eye on your practice, despite the screen distance. 

"Quiet the mind and
the soul will speak"

My teaching is a mix of many of the different methods and styles, that I studied and practiced, but mostly, I am influenced by my practice of Iyengar Yoga and Yoga Therapy. I had the privilege to work with, teach, and support hundreds of women, through all life stages, in my classes, workshops, and retreats. My goal is to show you the door, towards yourself, so you can step in, and start (or deepen) the amazing journey within

You can expect Liat’s experienced eye on your practice, despite the screen distance. All classes are open level with plenty of options to customize your experience. Each class is one hour and fifteen minutes. Class schedule is subject to change.

If you live in John’s creek area in GA and would like to participate in a small live group session (up to 8 people) in Awareness Space studio, you are more than welcome. Please schedule a private free consultation with Liat before signing in.

Awareness Dance Workshops

50$ – per person


Private Classes


15$ -per class

45$ – 4 classes per month

80$ – 8 classes per month

Group Classes 

25$ per class